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Attendance and Absence


      Attendance at School       


Everybody at Warstones is committed to ensuring that each of our children gets the best possible start to life. One way we can do this is through ensuring regular school attendance.
Evidence shows that children who attend school regularly are more successful, not only in school, but in all areas of life.
We hope that you will continue to support us in improving our school attendance by making sure the children are here everyday and learning.

Did you know.....
For every day of school missed by a pupil, their attendance reduces by 0.5%

So if your child has an attendance rate of 95%, they have missed 10 days of school, 90% means they have missed 20 days of school and if they have an attendance rate of 85%, which is deemed as 'persistently absent', the will have missed 6 weeks of school which is roughly half a term!


Days Absent
(by end of year)
Equal to Absence % Overall Attendance %
(by end of year)
1 0.5% 99.5%
5 2.5% 97.5%
10 5 95%
20 10% 90%
30 15% 85%


Holidays in Term Time                                             

Your children only attend school for 190 days out of 365. This leaves 175 days for holidays. Please book your holidays during these 175 days of school holidays. If you do take your child on holiday during term time without authorisation and especially if your child's attendance is poor at other times, then you will be at risk of receiving a Fixed Term Penalty Notice.

Authorisation can only be given in 'exceptional circumstances' e.g. a parent working in the armed forces and only on leave during school term. It is vital that a form requesting the hoilday is given in, even though it may not be authorised. If you take you child out of school without informing us, they will be reported as a 'Missing Child' to the Safeguarding Team. 

Click on the link for further information about taking your child out of school and the request form to complete for school.

'Are you thinking of taking your child out of school in term time? Information for Parents'



We know that illness is unavoidable and to be expected. However it is very important to inform the school on the first day of absence with the reason either by phone (01902 551236), by letter or in person at the school office.If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea, then they must be out of school for 48 hours after their last bout of illness. If your child is ill for longer than three days it is recommended that they see a doctor. Please be prepared to show school an appointment card as proof of visit. Without this,if your child is off for a week or more and school suspect you have taken your child on holiday, it will be marked as an unauthorised absence. (Education Welfare Officers will undertake home visits if it is suspected that a family are actually on hoilday to check the child is at home ill and not fit for school).

Click on the link for the Public Health 'Guidance on Infectious Diseaes' that the school must follow regarding any other illnesses presenting in school. This gives advice to avoid spreading infections and how long your child needs to be out of school if an infectious disease is diagnosed.

Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings


Punctuality - Before and After School.               Be on time at 10 to 9!


In KS2 the gate open at 8.40am so that everyone can be in the playground before the whistle blows at 8.50am. Likewise staff will open the relevant door along the KS1 corridor to let the children throughto the playground at this time as well.

It is important that all children are in school on time for the whistle to start the day promptly. If your child arrives after the gates have been shut, KS1 children can enter through the Nursery Door entrance door up to 9.00am, where a member of staff will take their name to ensure they are registered. Likewise KS2 children need to enter and be signed in at the front door where the office is. This system is in place only to support you all when something unavoidable has delayed you - it is not for regular habits of arriving late to school. It is still monitored by the Education Welfare Officer who may take action if children are persistently arriving a few minutes late. If children arrive after 9.00 it will be deemed as officially ‘late’ on the register and if your child arrives after 9.30am then this becomes an absence and this is also monitored by the EWO. Lateness is just as serious as non-attendance and could also lead to a Fixed PenaltyNotice. The start of the school day is an important time for children to develop their social skills with their peers, as well as preparing them for their learning.


Did you know....

Being 15 minutes late each day is the same as missing two weeks of school over the year!


School finishes at 3.15pm and children need to be collected on time. We understand that parents may wish to let Y6 children walk home on their own in preparation for secondary school and in such cases they may wish their child to bring a mobile phone to school for safety while walking to and from school. Please fill in the permission slip below if yuor child is allowed to walk home unaccompanied. ONLY Y6 can bring mobiles to school and these must be handed in to the office at the start of the day and collected at the end. Also a slip with parental permission must be completed. Children below Y6 should be collected by a responsible adult. (EY and KS1 children can not be collected by anyone under the age of 18).

Letter and permission slip for mobile phone in Y6

Permission letter to walk home unaccompanied (Y6 only)


If you are unavoidably detained and will be late collecting, PLEASE LET SCHOOL KNOW. If this is a one off situation we will always try to help.


Unfortunately, we do have a number of children being picked up late. If we have children left at the end of the day when all the other children have gone and no one has been in touch with school, we will place the children in After School Club if there are spaces and above Nursery age. This will incurr a charge. If there are no places in the club and a member of staff has to supervise your child, a similar charge may be made.

We will monitor this and discuss any concerns with you, but if this becomes a regular occurence it will be reported to Social Services. If a child has not been collected by the time staff are leaving the premises or by the end of the After School Session (whichever is soonest), they will be placed in the care of Social Services. 


If somebody else has to pick up your child, it is important that we know who they are, that they have permission and that we have contact details for them. You must inform school, we cannot take their word for it on the door! If we are at all concerned about somebody collecting yuor child we will ring to confirm before letting them go. Please complete the form below to ensure we have correct contact details if you have made arrangements for someone else to collect your child.

Permission to collect child from school form.