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On Thursday 29th March 2017, school was inspected by Ofsted. As we were a good school, the inspection is deemed a 'Short' Inspection, to judge whether the school is still a good school and to ensure safeguarding is robust. If not, then this triggers a full inspection.

We were delighted to be rated as remaining a good school, acknowledging that what we are doing is enabling your children to have the best educational opportunities possible.

We will be reflecting on the new targets set for us to work on and share with you the plans we will put in place to keep moving the school on.

Please click on the link to read the copy of the letter received regarding the inspection.


Warstones Ofsted Letter (Short Inspection) 29.3.17


School Inspections - A Guide for Parents 


Ofsted Report 2013   (Please click on title to read report)

We are immensley proud of our children and our school. Over the years, staff and Governors have worked hard to develop the school and create a place where children are excited about learning and parents have confidence in what the school is providing. January 2013, saw the school receive recognition of this in an excellent Ofsted inspection that rated the school 'Good' and gave us next steps to develop to improve even more.

We have developed a marking and feedback policy that we review regularly. We ensure children's work is marked regularly to ensure good assessment for learning. Children are encouraged to self edit, next steps are highlighted by teachers and children know they need to review corrections and answer challenging questions or next steps before moving on.
We encourage parents to come and talk to teachers who are around outside at the end of the day. We have regular parents evenings and staff are happy to meet with parents at other times, simply ask. We have set up Achievement for All groups, enabling targetted families to have extra opportunities to meet with their child's teacher for an hour every term to share a deeper understanding of the needs of individual children. A new website with latest news and letters being 'pushed' to a linked app that parents can download for free. We have an instant text messaging service so we can contact parents quickly if needed. All these help support a greater sense of teamwork and help parents stay more involved with what is happening in school and how their child is doing.

But we are still looking to improve!

This year we have been looking at behaviours in school and how issues from playtimes can have an impact on the lessons. We have intorduced the KS1 'Good to be Green' system right across school so we have a consistent approach to behaviour management across the school. We are encouraging a positive approach - children can always find a way back to green if they want to. We have simplified our school rules to '3Bs'! Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful! Children are encouraged to think which 'B' rule relates to their behaviour and how they can improve it. This has already seen a dramatic change in behaviours in school with a far more positive approach and raised awareness in school of what we expect of everyone in school - children, staff and parents alike!

We are reviewing our reading approach - how we teach reading and also monitor and assess progress in RWI, guided reading and home reading. We are investing in new reading materials to inspire and excite our children to read. we are holding events such as Book Fairs and celebrating World Book Day to ignite a love and joy of reading in all our children.

Children love to explore and play outdoors so we want to develop our learning environments around school, especially in the Early Years. Learning while playing, physical challenges and space to develop gross as well as fine motor skills - all add up to a well rounded, healthy and enjoyable learning experience.

So please read our Ofsted Report from 2013 and find out more about who we are and what we do. Warstones is a great school to be part of!