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Here at Warstones, we aim for a calm and caring ethos where kindness is at the centre of everything that we do. We try to ensure that our children make the right choices by using our 3B's of Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. 


By using these 3B's on a regular basis, we teach our children not only how to behave within school, but how to be a positive citizen within our community. 

Praise and Reward

We have many ways in which we praise our children and we offer pupils rewards for giving maximum effort in trying to be an excellent school citizen.

In Early Years we...

In Key Stage One we...

In Key Stage Two we offer children the chance of a 30 minute Golden Time on a Friday where they take part in carefully planned activities ranging from arts and crafts, board games, films, iPad time and much, much more. We also give children from Year 3 upwards the chance to earn House Points throughout the year. House points are awarded for many things such as excellent effort with work, brilliant manners, being a good friend etc. House Points give our children the chance to learn a life skill of saving as they can save up their house points to earn rewards. The greater the number of House Points, the greater the reward. However, children can cash their House Points in earlier should they wish. 


Occasionally, some of our children require reminders of what is expected of them. We have aim for a consistent approach to behaviour across the school so tat our children understand what is expected of them and what consequences to expect should they make the wrong choices. 

For our younger children, we offer more 'warnings' than we do with our older, more responsible pupils. We understand that every child is unique so we do adapt our flowchart on occasions to ensure that we get the absolute best out of our children. 


Children can often fall out during the school day and we try to solve these issues as and when they occur following our behaviour policy. Bullying is when incidents occur with the same children over a prolonged period of time. If incidents do occur, we follow our anti-bullying policy. These are rare events and are dealt with swiftly by all staff involved.