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School Uniform

At Warstones we are proud of our school and encourage the children to wear a school uniform. This engenders a sense of identity and belonging.

We encourage the children to take pride in their appearance. All long hair should be tied back and short hair in a neat hair style.

We ask parents/carers to make sure that all items of clothing are named


Grey/black school trousers
Grey skirt or pinafore dress
White shirt
school jumper or school sweatshirt
yellow and white striped school tie
Black shoes (not trainers)

Please note that children are only allowed to wear trainers at lunchtime and for outdoor games.

P E and Games

White t-shirt or house coloured t-shirt
Black shorts
Black leotard/games
Black pumps for PE or trainers for outdoor games
A warm tracksuit is advisable for games in colder weather.

Uniform, sportswear, book packs and pump bags are available from Lads and Lasses on Warstones Road, or from the website www.ladsandlassesschoolwear.co.uk. A small commission is given to the school for each purchase made.