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School Improvements

Reading at Warstones

Reading is a vital part of your child’s education—without this skill, it becomes so hard to progress in any area of learning. So we are making it a school priority for us this year!

Teachers have worked hard over the Summer term to develop ways of encouraging children to read more in school and
monitoring the progress they make. Last term we invested in new home readers and guided reading books in Early Years and KS1. This term we are doing the same in KS2. The governors really want to support our children and ensure they have the resources they need to get the most out of their reading opportunities. Teachers have assessed and graded the books we have to make sure children are reading books that will help them progress and also enjoy and in the holidays, Mrs
Penfold and Miss Hammond overhauled the library.

We need your help! Please can we ask that you make every effort to hear your child read at home as often as possible. Ask them about what they have read, what do they think the book is going to be about from the cover and the blurb, what is coming next—ask the question why do they think that?

To encourage children to read a wider range of books, we have put together a list of recommended books for each year group on the webpage. There are lots to choose from and we will be encouraging children to read from this list as well as their own choices. Sadly, we don’t have them all at school so if anyone has any of these books at home that they no longer need, please do consider donating them to school!

Recommended Books for Y6        Recommended Books for Y3      Recommended Books for Reception

Recommended Books for Y5        Recommended Books for Y2

Recommended Books for Y4        Recommended Books for Y1

Early Years Playground!

We really want our children to have the best possible start when they come to Warstones. We have been very aware that our Early Years playarea has been looking a bit forlorn recently so we are looking to completely revamp it. thanks to the generosity of Friends of Warstones and using money from our building fund and sports premium, we have nearly got enough money but we are still trying to raise more through grants. If you know of anyone who can help us we would love to hear from you! If anyone would like to make a private donation to help us get past this last hurdle, however small or large, please do contact Mrs Feeney or Mrs Clark, or leave it at the office.

Here are the plans for the playground. The building work should occur at the February half term! We are so excited!!