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School Dinners


All Change at the Lunch Bar!!

In April 2019, we changed our school dinner provider. We are now delighted to be working with Shire Services!

they are able to provide us with fresh, locally sourced food and a variety of choices for the children to enjoy. We also have a daily salad bar, fresh fruit and in KS2 we have additional choices available from the 'Deli Bar'!


Click here to view our delicious school dinners menu from April 2019

School dinners currently cost will be £2.50 a day (or £12.50 a week). For pupils eligible for the Discounted Meal Scheme (click here to apply), meals will be £1.50 a day, or £7.50 a week.

School meals are paid for in advance, either Weekly or Half-Termly. Cash is paid at the school office or ask at the office about paying on line. notification of  changes from sandwiches to school dinners must be made the week prior to the change and be for full weeks. Changes can not be made day to day. 

IT IS ESSENTIAL you let us know of any dietary requirements your child may have prior to starting school dinners, either via your initial application pack,  completing a form at the school office or downloading it here

Allergies and intolerances.


You can still provide your own packed lunch for your child. Please consider healthy choices for them to eat. Chocolate and sweets are not advised as they can have an impact on behaviours and general health. No fizzy drinks or glass bottles please. All rubbish must be put back in the lunch box and taken home. Please remember to send a fork or spoon if needed.