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Reading at Warstones

Reading is a school priority for 2016-17!

We want to encourage children to take an active and enthusiastic ownership of their learning by really embracing the opportunities that reading opens up for them!

On this page we will add helpful hints, ideas and resources that can help you encourage your child with their reading at home!


                                                           30th January - 10th February

How many books can you read and raise money at the same time!

         Woody the Reading Dog is coming to visit afterwards to see how well you have done! 




Download Information leaflets in a language of your choice giving you advice to help you 'Read With Your Child'!


Reading With Your Child English

Reading With Your Child Bengali

Reading With Your Child Czech

Reading With Your Child French


Reading With Your Child Gujarati

Reading With Your Child Hindi

Reading With Your Child Polish



Reading With Your Child Romanian

Reading With your Child Russian

Reading With Your Child Slovakian


There are so many different books to read it can be hard to choose! If you are looking for ideas for presents or what to choose from the library here are some suggestions for you.

There are recommended books for different ages but there are always plenty more! If you have some suggestions for us to add to these lists please let us know. 

You don't have to read them all! But do try to read a variety of books - modern, classics, funny, action, factual and fiction - it all helps to keep you interested and broaden your vocabulary!

When you have read a book, tell a friend or someone in your family about it and why you liked it (or not).


List for Y6    List for Y5   List for Y4   List for Y3   List for Y2   List for Y1   List for Reception