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Online Safety

Online Safety Never Stops!

With children almost having 24/7 access to technology it has become more important than ever to ensure that we as teachers and parents are aware of what our children are doing online. It is very easy to blame technology and some of the recent apps and software when things go wrong and problems arise. However, the majority of issues can be avoided with a sensible approach to using and monitoriing use on online. We at Warstones Primary School appreciate the importance of being tech savvy in this digital world that we currently live in and therefore, we continue to work hard with the staff and children to ensure they know how to use this technology in a safe and responsible manner. Quite often it is about applying the same common sense that you would apply in every day life in the 'Real World'. Should you have any concerns or questions about technology or the delivery of the Computing Curriculum in school - do not hesitate to ask! Mr J. McNaught (Computing Coordinator)



Patrick Flynn from The Centre for Online Safety and Behaviour' said "It was lovely to speak with so many parents during Parents Evening and there were so many great questions that came up in conversation!" We hope that you found this informal meet with the expert to be very useful and informative.



Warstones Primary School would like to thank all of our parents who attended either the afternoon or the evening Online Safety Workshop hosted by Mr J. McNaught with special guest Patrick Flynn. We will continue to work together to ensure our children's safety online.


Join us for a staff meeting!

For the first time ever, Warstones are opening the front door and giving you... the main guardian responsible for your child, the opportunity to attend a staff meeting. There is no better place to learn about best practice to keeping our children safe online. Small changes can make the biggest difference.


If you missed the opportunity to join us at the staff meeting then do not panic - the key point to take from the meeting was to talk to your child. Have open conversations about what they access online and let them know that they are able to come to you to talk to you about anything!


Have you ever considered making a family agreement?

Family Agreement Advice

Family Agreement Template



Twitter for every Year Group

As a school we are always looking for new ways to keep you all updated with the many wonderful things that your child experiences each and every day at school. Each Year Group now has their very own Twitter page which you can follow and stay up to date with everything going on both in and out of the classroom. But do not worry if you do not have Twitter as everything that is posted will stream direct to the top of your child's year group page on the 'Classes' section of the school website. This will show the four most recent posts so be sure to check it on a daily basis! We do however, require you to complete the below Twitter Permission Form to consent to your child's photograph being posted.

Twitter Permission Form


Keeping Children Safe Online

At school, we are fortunate to have a strict filter system on our internet feed that prevents children and staff accessing any content that is not suitable for children. Even with this, we are vigilant when children are using the internet to ensure it is being used safely and responsibly. We are aware though, that some of our older children do have access to the internet at home and it may not be as easy to monitor this.

It is of paramount importance that children are aware and understand that once messages and pictures have been put on the internet, they can not be taken back. Even if you try to delete them, once they have been downloaded by anyone else they will be available to them to use as they wish. Nor can you be sure who your child is interacting with. Your child should not be using any of the following sites and if they are, then it is likely they have not been truthful about their age when registering.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat - all users should be 13+ years old.
Whatsapp - 16+ years old
Kik, Tango - 17+ years old

Even to register with Youtube you need to be 13+ years old.


Top Tips for Parents

PLEASE can you check any phones and tablets your child is using to ensure they are only using software that is age applicable for their own safety?


More and more children are now Gaming. If not managed correctly, children using modern computer games consoles can be exposed to inappropriate content and have contact with numerous strangers online. Please read our 'Dangers of Online Gaming' leaflet and use the PDFs below, to set up parental controls on your consoles at home.


The Good Gaming Guide

The Dangers of Online Games

Xbox 360 Parental Controls

Playstation Parental Controls

Internet Matters - Gaming (How to protect your child whilst gaming)


Children are now using platforms such as YouTube to watch, participate in or even host live streaming. Please read the information below and help educate your child.


Parent and Carers Converstation Starters

Live Streaming Parents Guide

YouTube Parents Guide


Listed below in our Useful Websites section there are some sites that you may find useful to learn more about internet safety for your child - and yourself! Click on the image to be taken to the page.


Useful Websites


Kids Health

This site can give you information about all aspects of your child's health. There is an excellent section on cyberbullying.



Internet Matters

Information, advice and support to keep children safe online.




Website to help parents understand the technology that children are using today and how to help teach them to use it safely.



CEOP  (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)

CEOP work to keep children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies. Their page gives you advice and support to keep your child safe as well as supporting you should there be a concern.



This is a Childnet website that helps children, parents and those working with children learn about using the internet and how to be a SMART surfer.