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Common Exception Words Year 2



Autumn 1

Numeracy Week 1 - Counting

Spellings Week 1 Group 1

Spellings Week 1 Group 2


Numeracy Week 2 - Place Value

Spellings Week 2 Group 1

Spellings Week 2 Group 2


Numeracy Week 3 - Place Value

Spellings Week 3 Group 1

Spellings Week 3 Group 2


Numeracy Week 4 - Place Value

Spellings Week 4 Group 1

Spellings Week 4 Group 2


Numeracy Week 5 - Ordering Numbers

Spellings Week 5 Group 1

Spellings Week 5 Group 2


Numeracy Week 6 - Greater than and less than

Spellings Week 6 Group 1

Spellings Week 6 Group 2


Numeracy Week 7 - Number bonds to 20

Spellings Week 7 Group 1

Spellings Week 7 Group 2


Autumn 2

Spellings Week 1 Group 1

Spellings Week 1 Group 2

Week 1 Gurdwara


Spellings Week 2/3 Group 1

Spellings Week 2/3 Group 2

Numeracy Week 3 - Adding 3 numbers


Spellings Week 4 Group 1

Spellings Week 4 Group 2

Numeracy Week 4 - adding on a blank number line


There will be no spellings, we are focusing on handwriting using the pre-cursive handwriting style.

Numeracy Week 5 - addition problem solving


Week 6 and Christmas holidays


Spring 1

Numeracy Week 2 - subtraction on an empty numberline

Numeracy Week 3 - repeated addition/multiplication







Revolution Homework Ideas

Year 5 and 6 spelling list







Spellings are tested every Thursday. See below for the termly lists:


2018 Autumn Spellings


2019 Spring Spellings


2019 Summer Spellings


Times Tables are tested every Friday. Please read the following document for further information:


Times Tables


We ask you to support our topic work by talking to your children about the themes and encouraging them to do independent research. This could be using the Internet or visiting local libraries to gain information. Click on the links below for an overview of each topic:


Autumn 1: Predators

Autumn 2: Tribal Tales

Spring 1: Gods and Mortals

Spring 2: Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Summer 1: Mighty Metals

Summer 2: Tremors


Below are lists of common exception words and high frequency words which are taught in Year 3. It would be helpful if you could help your child familiarise themselves with these words.


Year 3 High Frequency Words

Year 3 Common Exception Words


Reading is so important! It develops children's creativity, improves their imagination and stengthens their problem solving and thinking skills. If you haven't  joined your local library then we encourage you to do so. Fostering a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your child!

Oxford Owl have got lots of free ebooks (for those who prefer the Ipad to the paperback!) You can download them  if you register online. Their link is below:



Reading Information