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Our School

‘To nurture a love of learning in a happy and caring environment.
To build a resilience for the future, a knowledge for life and enthusiasm for a positive future.
To live with respect and tolerance, to be able to contribute fully to their community.’

(Jan 2016)

Our ethos at Warstones Primary School is to nurture and support every child fully as they grow, so that when they leave us, they are equipped with the values and skills they need to continue their life's journey, in school and in the community around them.

We firmly believe in the core British values of mutual respect, democracy, the rule of law, tolerance of cultures, faiths and of others and also personal responsibility and individual liberty and this can be seen and evidenced through the work and culture we promote every day in school.

How we promote British Values in our School Community and Curriculum.    (Please click link)

Examples of British Values and SMSC in action. (Please click on link)

We also aim to encourage and empower our children with other values we believe to be important in our citizens of the future. These are the values the staff and Governors felt were important for us to develop in our school.

       What does a Warstone Pupil learn at our school!


Confidence, Perseverance, Ambition, Resilience, Wisdom, Independence, Success, Self worth, Inspiration
Kindness, Loving, Caring, Tolerance, Happy, Empathy, Responsible Citizen, Curiosity, Passion


Our school aims to:

· Foster Equal opportunities to enable each child to receive a broad and balanced curriculum, in an inclusive, safe and secure environment.

· Foster a spirit of confidence, independence and adventure

· Encourages all its members to move towards a healthy and productive lifestyle

· Create an environment where learning is enjoyed and valued at all levels

· Value and respect ourselves, others and our environment

· Promote a partnership between parents, the school and other agencies to create an ethos of mutual trust, understanding and support

· Engender pride in belonging to the school community, taking part in decision making and celebrating achievements

· Encourage everyone in the school to take risks in striving towards excellence, both in work and personal development

· Make full use of new technologies to support learning and teaching.