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School Council

The elections for this year's School Councillors took place on Wednesday 27th September.

The votes are in.....

The ballots have been counted.....

The lines are now closed.....

The winners have been chosen.


This year's Vice-Councillors are:


2EW - Taylor Parkinson

2EM - Aston Wheate

3AS - Abubakar Ahmed

3LC - Joshua Ward

4JM - Herbie McIntyre

4WF - Simar Badesha

5SS - Evie-Ann Richmond

5JC - Sophia Chumber

6BH - Muhyi Omar

6AC - Georgina Freeland


Your school Councillors for this year are:

2EW - Kacie-Jo Morgan

2EM - Aman Govind

3AS - Freya Church

3LC - Rose-Jade Cousins

4JM - Harvey Pemberton

4WF - Nathan Momi

5SS - Jacob Pitt

5JC - Noor Govind

6BH - Rhea Glenday

6AC - Adam Hodson


Congratulations to all the councilors!


Warstones would also like to congratulate all the pupils that have taken part in this year's elections.

They should all be really proud of themselves.


Our School Council did an amazing job, at parents evening, selling cakes.  Thank you to everyone that came and bought a cake.

The School Council raised £137.75 in their first cake sale.

If your parents eveing is on Thursday 12th October, don't worry because the School Council will be selling cakes then aswell.