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Maths at Warstones

Here at Warstones, we offer an ambitious and varied maths curriculum that caters for all learners. We aim to use concrete resources throughout the school, facilitating the move onto more pictorial and abstract concepts for each area. We ensure that children are fluent at basic operations and develop skills for application and reasoning as they move through school and onto their next steps in learning. We develop independent and resillient learners, encouraging children to challenge themselves as much as possible, developing an aspirational ethos to their learning. 

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Maths at Warstones

 Calculation Policy


Early Years

 Maths Overview- Teeny Weenies & Nursery      Maths Overview- Reception

Key Stage One

 Maths Overview- Years 1 and 2           Maths Lesson Structure- KS1           Example Maths Session- KS1

 Maths Objectives- Year 1                     Maths Objectives- Year 2

Key Stage Two

  Maths Overview- Years 3 and 4           Maths Overview- Years 5 and 6           Maths Lesson Structure- KS2

 Example Maths Session- KS2               Maths Objectives- Year 3                     Maths Objectives- Year 4

 Maths Objectives- Year 5                     Maths Objectives- Year 6