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Our Warstones Curriculum


Welcome to our Warstones Curriculum

Mission Statement: To nurture a love of learning in a happy and caring environment, building a resilience for the future, a knowledge for life and enthusiasm for a positive future. To live with respect and tolerance, to be able to contribute fully to their own community. 

Our New '22' Curriculum!

In 2022, we have launched our updated curriculum provision for our curriculum subjects across the school. Each topic has key areas of learning locked in to ensure both small, progressive steps in knowledge and skills, and strong curriculum coverage. 

Curriculum Strands

Our Warstones Curriculum can be broken down into key strands that demonstrate the small steps in learning that help children to progress with their skills and knowledge as they travel through the school. 


Art        DT        Geography        History        MFL         PE       Science

National Curriculum Coverage

Click on the trees below to see how our Warstones Curriculum covers the statuatory requirements set out in The National Curriculum. 

Art         DT          Geography         History 


Our school RSE was shared for consultation with parents/carers, staff and Governors and parents/carers in February 2021. We have also held a follow up opportunity for parents to come and ask any questions and share any concerns with our RSE/PSHE School Advisor Russel Stanley (S4S) on 18.5.22. You can find the powerpoint from that meeting here for those who could not attend.

Our policies for these areas can be found under Our School - Policies. Below is an overview of what we are teaching in school.

Please click the link below to read the DfE guidance
Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents


Digital Leaders

Click on the above image to see our introductory video from our Digital Leaders

Our World of Warstones

We continually strive to ensure that our curriculum is engaging and balanced. We cover a whole variety of topics and teach our children about many events and people from all around the world. Our 'World of Warstones' wall demonstrates how many places around the world we cover, either in topics, writing units, studied artists or books that we read. We also recognise the countries of origin for our children and added those to our board, creating a world-wide community that we are all a part of. 


Our School Values

Our seven values are at the centre of everything that we do here at Warstones. These values reflect our children and the community in which we live and help to prepare our children to be positive citizens for life. For more information about our values, please click on the image below. 


Connecting Classrooms

Warstones Primary, Woodfield Primary, Wodensfield Primary and St Michael's C of E have been awarded a 'Connecting Classrooms' Grant from the British Council, to forge links with schools Kiine, Kananga and Kakaindu in Zambia! We are very excited about this and are looking forward to working closely with all the schools in the partnership - here in Wolverhampton and in Zambia - to build an appreciation of different cultures and ways of life and breaking down stereotypical expectations and assumptions. We want our children to embrace wholeheartedly that everyone is equally valued, with the same rights and expectations for a fair and just society, to developcreative and critical thinking skills, enocurage open mindedness and enhance intercultural understanding.

Click below to see the press release from Wolverhampton City Council.

Press Release from City Of Wolverhampton Council : Wolverhampton schools connecting with schools in Zambia  (British Council).

Press Release from Connecting Classrooms