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At Warstones Primary School we value MFL because it enables children to express ideas in a different way and gives them opportunities to communicate in a foreign language in a practical situation.


Through the teaching of French, we aim to:

  • Develop pupils’ communication and literacy skills.
  • Develop linguisitic competence together with an understanding of how language works.
  • Develop pupils’ enjoyment of learning a foreign language through songs, rhymes and games.
  • Further pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the multicultural world we live in.


In French, we enjoy a wide variety of activities, focusing on all 4 elements of learning a language; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

In KS1 we place greater emphasis on listening and speaking to enable us to embed the language at a basic level.


In KS2 we then have the opportunity to be more creative with the language with activities involving ICT equipment, dictionaries and even a French Food Tasting session.

2016/2017 French Curriculum Map


French Food Fever hit Warstones on Wednesday 15th February with all year 4 children enjoying some tasty treats. Photos and comments to follow. 


Language Day Survey

All children should have come home today with a letter regarding a languages survey of our school community. If for whatever reason this is not the case, you can download the letter by clicking on the link below... Many Thanks

Language Survey Letter



Useful Links:

Francais Extra - ( for the French Penalty Shootout Game)

Languages Online - (includes lots of interactive activities from simple matching exercises to more advanced reading and writing activities - all topic based)