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At Warstones, history plays a key role in the curriculum. Through the teaching of history, children are introduced to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past and learn that studying the past can teach us important lessons about the world today.

The study of history develops a wide range of skills including critical thinking, exploring and evaluating evidence, presenting findings, chronological awareness, understanding different points of view and much more. Links are made between subjects, enabling children to apply and develop skills from across the curriculum. For example, in our Tyrannical Tudors topic, the children work as journalists, interviewing key figures in the execution of Anne Boleyn, attending editorial meetings and writing news reports on the event in time for the print deadline. In the same topic they also compare and contrast maps from the time with those today, use their ICT and persuasive writing skills to produce For Sale leaflets for a Tudor manor house, develop their music and PE skills through Tudor dance and create their own Tudor miniatures.

Our pupils are curious about life in the past and keen to find out more about life in different times and places. History is a very popular subject and many children choose to extend their learning at home. We hold a number of themed history days which make history come alive for the children and inspire their love of the subject. The children come into school in costume and participate in a number of exciting activities linked to their particular topic. We are often supported by specialists such as the staff from Moseley Old Hall,The Longship Trading Company and  Perseus, the Greek Hoplite.

We are lucky enough to have a wealth of resources such as our air raid shelter, school log books and the Black Country Museum, as well as the locality itself, to support our local history studies. Our residential visits in Years 4 and 5 have a strong history focus, being based as they are in York, where we visit Yorvik, and at Wilderhope Manor, a Tudor manor house.

Curriculum Coverage       

KS1 Changes within living memory

Events beyond living memory that are significant globally & nationally

Lives of significant individuals

Significant local people, places & events.

KS2 Changes in Britain from Stone to Iron Age

Roman Empire & its impact on Britain

Britain’s Settlement by Anglo Saxons & the Viking /Saxon struggle  for England

Local history study

Theme in British History extending knowledge beyond 1066

Early civilisations  

Ancient Greece

Non-European society