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Year 6

Summer Week 13 - Saying Goodbye

Well folks, it is time to say goodbye. It's not the way we planned to say it but here we are at the parting of the ways.

You guys have had one of the most rollercoastery Year 6s of all time and have been part of what will be taught in History lessons to your kids.

However you got through this lockdown, you have been superstars and Mrs. Bayliss, Mr. Cook, Mrs. Hardwick, Mr. Powell and Mrs. Penfold are proud of you.

Whatever you do in your future, remember the good times we had together at Warstones.

You Got This.


Home Learning Ideas


We are aware that most of your secondary schools have set you a fair old whack of work to do over the holidays so this will be the last work we put up for you.

I have also put together a few photos from this year (sorry if your'e not on there - some of you are very camera shy!).

Why not have a look at the Twitter feed for a whole lot more @warstonesYear6



All the best - we will miss you!



Summer Week 12 - SRE / Quiz / Art


How dairy - gets me every time! Hello all and welcome to the penultimate week of the term.

A fair few of us should have been at Dunfield House this week so we have themed the learning ideas around that. 

Feel free to tweet any pictures of you carrying out any of the more unusual tasks this week @warstonesyear6 so that we can enjoy what you've been up to.

Home Learning Ideas - Dunfield


We also have another pack of ideas to look at with regards to transitioning to secondary school - specifically organising yourself. 

There is even a video tutorial about tying a tie!

Getting organised



Bubble People - important letter!!!

Next week, we will be teaching some sessions on SRE. Your children will be bringing home a letter to explain it all but here's a link to it anyway...

SRE letter



Summer Week 11 - Science / Transition

Hi there all you folks who are looking for some work to do this week. Well done for keeping up with it all!

This week in school, Mrs. Bayliss, Mr. Cook and Mr. Wall will all be "Sciencing it up, big style" in both lessons and with The Science Fair on Wednesday.

Click on this link to find some awesome ideas to get your teeth into this week.

Home Learning Ideas - Space


It is also coming round to that time of year where you guys would start thinking about transitioning to secondary school. It's time to think about all the fab memories you leave with and all the incredible times yet to come as you wave goodbye to us.

Here are some activities to have a look at to start preparing for the journey ahead.

Transition Activities


There's still time to do an entry for The Science Fair on Wednesday. 

Just record a short video or send some photos and an explanation of what you have been up to, to the school email address:



It would be lovely to see you showcasing just what an awesome bunch of scientists you are!




Summer Week 10 - Music / Sport (#Spusic?)



Follow the links below for the home learning ideas all about music and a link to some sports challenges as it would have been our sports week if we were all at school.

Don't forget to tweet us to show us what you have been up to @WarstonesYear6

Home Learning ideas - Music

Sports Challenges


And... Don't forget The Science Fair (scroll down)



Did Someone Say Science?

Time for an "At Home Science Fair", I reckon. 



Summer Week 9 - Rainforests



This week's home learning ideas are all about the rainforest. Please feel free to dip in and out at your leisure but there are some stonkingly good activities in here his week.

Rainforest Work Ideas

As always, feel free to Tweet pictures of your work to the Year 6 Twitter page to show off what you have been up to.




Summer Week 8 - We are back (again)


Welcome to another week of ideas for things to do at home - this week with more than a smidgen of sport. 

We also have some tips on becoming a film director - don't forget that you can email the school anything you create: Mr. Cook and Mrs. Bayliss would love to see what you have been creating.


This week's ideas


Being a film maker


If we don't see you in school, we all hope you are doing well. We miss you guys!




Summer Week 7 - We are back!!!


Hello all, we hope you are doing well out there, whether we see you in school this week or you are continuing to work hard from home.

Please use these links to find some ideas for things to do this week, including a very interesting booklet as we

start to think about you guys moving on to "Big School"

(This isn't compulsory but there are some lovely things to think about.)

Home Learning Ideas

Secondary School Transition Work


Sadly, we cannot do a Padlet session while we are back at school in our bubbles sad

Stay safe out there guys!



Summer Week 6 - Half Term



Hi there all. Please find attached a letter from Mrs. Feeney, detailing just what will be happening on June 1st adn the weeks after it.

Letter from Mrs. Feeney


and we also have a set of guidance for those children coming back to school

Guidance for children coming back


There are no home learning tasks or Padlet this week as it is time for everybody to take a well-earned break after all your home-based fun!




Summer Week 5 - Activity Week!


Well done Year 6! You have survived SATS (the cheese question on the reasoning paper was particularly grueling) so now we get to celebrate with Activity Week!

Follow the link below to find suggestions linked to what we would have done on each of the days during this period. Hopefully you will enjoy them!

If you are desperate to do more English and Maths based activities, I have incorporated suggestions that you can do around Activity Week's themes. However, don't feel you have to do these if you don't want to. 

In fact, don't feel the need to do all the activities - take your pick from each day and complete as much or as little as you like πŸ˜„


Friday will be different - this will be the BIG FAT WARSTONES QUIZ OF THE YEAR - via Kahoot. Mrs Bayliss will post the pin to Friday's Kahoot on Facebook, Twitter and Padlet before Friday. 


Please send us pics of you doing any of this weeks activities - you have Mrs Bayliss's email address or send them on twitter or facebook.


Activity Week Activities


Click on the emoji below to be able to chat with your Year 6 friends every day between 12-1pm. Comments made outside of this time frame will not be posted. Normal school rules apply and remember Mrs Bayliss and Mr Cook will be checking in on the chat room every day. Enjoy!






Summer Week 4 - it should have been SATs...


Well then folks, since SATs first started in 1991, this week has seen us administer the tests to Year 6 ever since. Not this year!!!

Here are the links for the home learning this week.

Week 4 Home Learning


However... As it is SATs week, we would also like you to have a look at these papers with whoever is teaching you at home.

Please take photos of you filling them in and send them to our Twitter feed @warstonesyear6 

We would love to see how you get on with them!!!


Super Hard Arithmetic Test        Reasoning Maths Paper

Spelling - children's paper             Spelling - to be read by a responsible person

Reading - Question Booklet            Reading - answers

Grammar - question booklet      Grammar - answers


Don't forget to join us each day between 12.00 and 1.00 on the padlet session. It is great to check in with you and see what you have all been up to.

Click on the emoji below to be able to chat with your Year 6 friends every day between 12-1pm. Comments made outside of this time frame will not be posted. Normal school rules apply and remember Mrs Bayliss and Mr Cook will be checking in on the chat room every day. Enjoy!





Summer Week 3

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. Here are some more ideas for work to do this week as well as some pure sums for you maths geeks.

Week 3 work ideas

Normal Arithmetic    Extension





Summer Week 2


The weather forecast ay looking great folks. That should give yow lots of time to get your teeth into week 2's exciting goodies

Summer Week 2


or for all those people who have been "Mathsing it up Big Stylee", here's a couple of tests to be getting on with!

Normal      Extra Spicy


And news just in....

It's kids vs teachers on TTRockstars until Friday at 11. What better way to spend your time than letting your teachers know who is boss!





The teachers are in the lead at the moment. Don't let is stay that way!!





Welcome Back Everyone!

It's very odd to be welcoming you back when we are still apart. All your teachers are missing seeing your smiley faces and hope that you are doing OK in these weird circumstances.

If you click on the link below, you will find some work that we would like you to have a look at for us.


Summer Term Week One


If you're seriously missing your Arithmetic sessions, click on one of these links to have a little brush up of your skills. (The extension ones are proper hard)


Normal Arithmetic

Extension Task


We hope to see you all soon. Until then please stay safe - you got this!!

Mrs Bayliss, Mr Cook,  Mr Powell, Mrs Hardwick, Mrs Penfold


Year Six French Research Project. 

Every year, we have a project at this time of year which lends itself brilliantly to a bit of work at home. You can choose to research anything you are interested in e.g. sport, film, fashion, food... as long as it relates to French/France. (don't worry, you write it in English!)

All is explained in document below.

Year 6 Research Project Information

Miss Hammond


Year 6 - End of Year French Assessment

Click the link below for the worksheet - There is an accompanying video on the Warstones Primary Facebook Page.

Yr 6 End of Year Assessment


Click on the emoji below to be able to chat with your Year 6 friends every day between 12-1pm. Comments made outside of this time frame will not be posted. Normal school rules apply and remember Mrs Bayliss and Mr Cook will be checking in on the chat room every day. Enjoy!


Victory in Europe Celebration

Wednesday 12th February sees us putting on an afternoon of celebrating the immense effort that our children have put into our "A Child's War" topic.

Please join us in the KS2 hall at 2.15 for music, dancing and a chance to look at some of our fabulous work.

The children can come dressed in clothes from the period all day and may also wish to bring in just a few bits of food to share during our celebration.



Kington Money


As the school year progresses, we need to remind you that if your child has put their name down for Kington, we need to keep on top of the finances.

Any money owed would be greatfully received in the school office.



The opportunity to take part in Bikeability once more. Please return any slips to school.



SATs Meeting


A meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th January at 6.00PM in the KS2 hall. 

This will be a chance to talk about the arrangements for SATs week as well as a chance to buy some excellent revision materials at rock-bottom prices.



Welcome to the Spring Term


It's heads down and noses to the grindstone as we approach "The Tests Which Must Not Be Named"

As we continue to work hard, we would love you guys still to be reading and practicing our times tables at home too.


Our topic is A Child's War - an in depth exploration of the Second World War and the effect it had on our country especially the lives of our children.

If you have any memorabilia or stories lurking at home (that isn't too valuable), we would love to see it!


Please find attached the information that was sent home in January

Curriculum Map and Homework Ideas

Book Recommendations



WhatsApp Accounts

The ugly side of messaging services is beginning to rear its ugly head in Year 6.

Please, please, please be mindful of what your children get up to on their phones as it can be very upsetting for them.



Our Twitter Account


If you're a Twitterer (?), why not catch up with what we are up to thanks to our new Year 6 Twitter feed?

Mrs Bayliss and Mr Cook will be posting photos of us all in action and sending reminders through that platform.

Follow us @WarstonesYear6



Welcome to Year 6

We welcome Mr Powell to our hard working team and can't wait to show him what we know we're capable of here at Warstones.

Mr Powell, Mr Cook and Mrs Bayliss are really looking forward to seeing you again to start a fresh new year as part of the hardest working year group in school laugh

Click on the links below to find our curriculum map and links to the new homework ideas for our new topic - Revolution - a look at Victorian Britain.

We will be doing PE every Tuesday so please make sure that you have the correct kit. Games lessons will be taking place after half term so we don't need kit on Fridays yet.

If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch at the end of the day or before school and we will be happy to put your minds at ease.


Revolution Curriculum Map

Revolution Homework Ideas

Year 5 and 6 spelling list


The way that we will be doing homework this year will be the same as last year. Please continue to read as much as possible, work on your times tables and have a look at our spellings lists.

Children who hand in homework will be rewarded with buckets and buckets of house points.


British Values

Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace BRITISH VALUES and teach our

 children about


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


A guide to British Values for Parents