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Year 6


Welcome to the Summer Term 


As the last term was so short, we are continuing with our Darwin's Delights Topic.

Instead of any homework, please continue to ensure your child is doing some revision towards their SATs tests.

Activity week is drawing nearer and we need all the funds in, in order to ensure the off site activities take place.





This is the link to the stories that we have been reading in our topic sessions. Feel free to have a read with your children


Ancient Greek stories




Have a happy holiday from Year 6


When we return, we will leap into our topic on the Ancient Greeks. Please find links to the curriculum map and homework ideas (remember - homework = housepoints)



Curriculum Map


Homework ideas




Autumn 2


We will begin our Blood Heart topic in October with a dissection of a sheep's heart.

It will be led by a trained scientist and if you wish, your child can be withdrawn from this session and provided with an alternative task.


Please find links to curriculum maps and homework ideas below.


Curriculum Map                     Homework




Following on from out Parent's Evening, a number of people asked for the document on how we assess Year 6 children. Please find it attached below.


Interim framework



Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Humphrey, Mr Cook and Mrs Bayliss are really looking forward to seeing you again to start a fresh new year as part of the hardest working year group in school laugh

Click on the links below to find our curriculum map and links to the new homework ideas for our new topic - Revolution - a look at Victorian Britain.

We will be doing PE every Monday so please make sure that you have the correct kit. Games lessons will be on Friday afternoons on a fortnightly basis.


If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch at the end of the day or before school and we will be happy to put your minds at ease.


Revolution Curriculum Map

Revolution Homework Ideas

Year 5 and 6 spelling list


The way that we will be doing homework this year will be slightly different this year so keep your ears open for more on this exciting development.