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Year 5

New School Year 2020-21

Please click on the Breaking News tab below to access the Year 5 Welcome Newsletter



Girls High Application Information!

A Letter from Mrs Feeney

PowerPoint for Children Returning to School


Click here for information regarding Entrance Tests for Girls High School in September.


Please find the Home Learning Activities below by clicking on the link:

Year 5 - Week 3 & 4 work

Week 5 Home Learning Activities

Week 6 Home Learning Activities

Week 7 Home Learning Activities

Week 8 Home Learning Activities

Week 9 Home Learning Activities

Week 10 Home Learning Activities

Week 11 Home Learning Activities

Week 11 is also National Sports Week

Week 12 Home Learning Activities

Science Fair Ideas

Week 13 Home Learning Activities

Week 14 Home Learning Activities


As part of our Literacy unit on myths & legends, please can the children watch at least the first 12 minutes of the story of Beowulf by Monday. The link is below. Thank you.

Beowulf Video


Summer 1 Topic Map (Vikings)

Norse Gods

Viking Gods

Information about Viking Gods

Art ideas

How To Draw A Viking!

How To Draw A Longship


Summer 2 Topic Map- Beast Creator


Parts of a Flower

Parts of a Flower - Cut and Stick

Art Ideas

How to draw a Bee

How to draw a Ladybug

How to draw a Giraffe Beetle

How to draw an Ant

How to draw a Praying Mantis

How to draw a Grasshopper

How to draw a Stag Beetle

How to draw a Black Widow Spider

How to draw a Monarch Butterfly

How to draw a Tarantula

How to draw a Fly


Year 5 French -

It is your half term for French and we would normally be starting our PowerPoints - To do this we need to start by writing some sentences about Wolverhampton in French.

Hopefully you all received your sheet of French work (Places that are and aren’t in a town) in your original work pack back in March. If you didn’t get this or you’ve misplaced it now.

Click on the link below:

What there is and isn't in Wolverhampton - March 2020

Click on the link below for more information on writing sentences (the pre-task) and then the 3 challenge options for this half term. There is also a video on the Warstones Primary Facebook Page to provide you with more information on the challenges.

Sentence writing and challenge information


Apologies for the delay, the video about adding accents to your PowerPoint presentations is now on the Warstones Primary Facebook Page.


29/06/20 - Year 5 End of Year Assessment

Click the link below to download the worksheet, there is an accompanying video on the Warstones Primary Facebook Page.

Year 5 End of Year Assessment


06/07/2020 - Year 5 End of Year French Quiz

You can use a pen and paper or download the answer sheet below.

You will need to watch the video on the Warstones Primary Facebook Page for the questions.

Yr 5 End of Year Quiz answer sheet


Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words Check list

Common Exceptions Word Mat


BBC Bitesize have got some amazing lessons! Have a look!


If you are really desperate to do some Arithmetic, here is one for you to have a go at.

Week 3 Arithmetic Test

Week 4 Arithmetic Test

Week 5 Arithmetic Test

Week 6 Arithmetic Test

Week 7 Arithmetic Test

Week 8 Arithmetic Test

Week 9 Arithmetic Test

Week 10 Arithmetic Test

Week 11 Arithmetic Test

Week 12 Arithmetic Test

Week 13 Arithmetic Test

Week 14 Arithmetic Test


British Values

Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace BRITISH VALUES and teach our

 children about


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


Click - British Values - A Guide for Parents


Hi! Welcome to what we hope will be an amazing first term in Year 5 2019-20!

Mrs Sandhu and Mr Corbett are really looking forward to having a great, fun filled year!


Welcome Newsletter for Year 5

These are just some of the activities we will be doing this half term. Please press the link to view.


Stargazers - Autumn 1


Autumn 1-Spelling List - Homework