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Year 1

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Welcome to the Year 1 page for the Academic Year 2020-2021



This page will detail topics for the upcoming academic year as well as important information about Year 1.


You will also be able to access weekly spellings and our half termy topic homework map.


Reception Class to Year 1 PowerPoint 2020-21 Academic Year


Here is all the information you will need for the upcoming academic year!

Reception to Year 1 Transition Powerpoint


Find out who your child's class teacher is by clicking the link above!


Home Activities 

Please use the sound chart shown below to support children with reading and writing activities at home. The children are really familiar with the sound chart and use them to support reading and spelling at school






Twitter Page

The Year 1 Twitter page is now up and running. Find us to keep up to date with all of the wonderful things we are doing in Year 1!

Find us at @WarstonesYear1


All things French


Let's practice our 'Bonjour, Salut' greetings songs!



Let's practice our 'un, deux, trois' numbers song!


Let's practice singing the rainbow song in French!


Let's learn to say our age in French!


Let's learn to say our name in French!



Memory Box Homework




British Values


Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace British Values and teach our children about:



The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs