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Year 1

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Welcome to the Year 1 page for the Academic Year 2019-2020.


This page will detail topics for the upcoming academic year as well as important information about Year 1.


You will also be able to access weekly spellings and our half termy topic map.


Memory Box


This half term's topic is Memory box will teach children about changes over time, family and community. This project develops children’s knowledge and appreciation of local history, special memories, customs and traditions, and growing up.


We are asking children to bring in baby photo's of themselves to add to our class wall. We will endeavour to return these at the end of the half term.


We will be ending our topic with a teddy bears picnic and all parents and carers are invited! Invitations to follow. 




Memory Box Homework


Spellings Autumn 1

Spellings Group 1 13.9.2019

Spellings Group 2 13.9.2019


Autumn 1 - Letters


Autumn Newsletter













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