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Teeny Weenies

British Values

Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace BRITISH VALUES and teach our

 children about


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


Click - British Values - A Guide for Parents



Welcome to Teeny Weenies.

Here we will share with you our recent learning experiences.


Please click on the link below to see what we are learning about this


Our aims and objectives.

At Teeny Weenies Playgroup we aim to create a happy, interesting and secure environment in which children have scope to explore, learn, contribute and experiment with confidence.

We give the children the opportunity to develop and practice the basic skills that are necessary for learning through play.


Through a variety of activities children are encouraged to.........

Think for themselves independently.

Develop listening and communication skills.

Acquire co-ordination skills

Develop their problem solving skills.

Name shapes and colours.

Take part in imaginative and creative activities.

Use all their senses in exploring and understanding the world we live in.

Enjoy stories and music.

Share the companionship of other children.

Develop social skills through caring, sharing and taking turns.

Value and respect each others race, culture, language and level of ability.

Accept the discipline of a group and the authority of other adults.


Such activities may include....

Painting and craft activities.

Playdough/sensory play.

Building and construction toys.

Books and story telling.

Music and sound.


Physical/outdoor play.

Puzzles and jigsaws.

Role play/home corner.

Small world play.

Mark making.


Sand and water play.


Have a look at our gallery and see some of the activities we do at Teeny Weenies!





Hungry Little minds have published some new content to support parents with children in the early years with their learning at home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Parents can access tips and activities through the following link:




We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Here is a message from all of us to all of you.



Also BBC bitesize now have an early years section check it out for some fantastic ideas. Follow this link below




We will be adding more ideas next week so keep checking our page . Hope to see you all soon.

Week commencing 11/5/2020

We will continue with our topic this week and  thought it would be a nice idea to read other stories about mini-beasts. Below is a photo of different stories. You may find some on the kids youtube website.


Reading is an important part of literacy and it helps build on children's communication skills and language. When you have read the story ask your child 'who, what, where' questions and see if they can recall what happened in the story.


We also thought the children could engage in a bug hunt. You could do this in the garden or on a walk during your daily hourly exercise. Below is a tick chart you could use. Maybe you could paint or draw a picture of your favourite minibeast. Please add them to our twitter account so we can all enjoy them @WarstonesTW


Another idea is cutting cabbage leaves. This helps children develop fine motor skills. Please be careful when using scissors!!



This activity involves using some 2d shapes. Use the templates below to make a shape butterfly. Encouarge the children to name the shapes, if they are unsure you can model the names. The children can count how many shapes they have used. Talk about the colours they have used also.



Week commencing 18/5/2020

Another week has passed and we hope you are all still keeping safe and well. Did you enjoy the story read by Green Sharon? Keep an eye open for more.....

This week to keep you busy we thought you might like to explore ice play. Below are a few ways in which you can experiment with it. You could make different coloured ice using water and food colouring and you could even freeze some toys in the ice then see what happens when you play with it.


We also thought maybe you could explore some jelly play. Here are some ideas for you.

 You can add some dinosaurs or jungle animals to explore the squelchy jelly.


Please add photos to our Twitter page @WarstonesTW of the activities you have been doing at home. We love looking at them all, it makes us smile.



We hope everyone is still keeping safe and well.

This week we thought you may like to listen to the story of The Rainbow Fish written by Marcus Pfister.

You can see the story on the youtube kids website     youtubekids.com

When you have listened to the story you could make a rainbow fish of your own. You can talk about all the different colours you have used and any different shapes you can use too. We would love to see pictures of the fish you make ...add them to out twitter page @WarstonesTW

Here are some ideas for you.


How about some water play. You can use a bucket or a baby bath or whatever you can, fill it with water and add some sea creatures and pebbles. Have lots of fun splashing and playing with the fish. You could sing 1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive.


Let us have a go at counting. Here is a counting activity for you to do, it is available on the Twinkl website. We love counting.

15th June 2020.

This week we thought you would like to focus on Father's Day as its a very special day for our Daddy/Grandad on Sunday.

You could paint or draw a picture of them and give it to them on Sunday.

There are some lovely ideas on Twinkl.co.uk . Here are a few of them.



There are some stories about Daddy on youtubekids.com have a look to see what you can find.

Do Daddy or Grandad like biscuits????????? Why not make him some and decorate them. Here is a recipe you could follow.

Please add photos to our Twitter account @WarstonesTW so we can see what you have been doing. We love to see them as we are still missing you all very much.


Have fun doing your activities, keep an eye out on Twitter for things Yellow Sharon and Green Sharon have been doing during lockdown.......................

Week commencing 22nd June 2020.

Hello again, how are you all doing? We are missing you all very much and hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

This week we are continuing with the under the sea topic.

Can you find a book at home about a sea creature, maybe an octopus or a sea horse. Ask Mommy or Daddy to read it to you then you can tell them what happened in the story afterwards.

We know some songs about fish. Can you sing them for your family? Here are a couple so you can teach them to family members. Maybe you can sing them for us and send a video to out twitter account so we can see you. Dont forget to add @WarstonesTW to your tweet so we can see


Here is a new song for you to learn. We like learning new songs together.

You could use some fish and sharks in water play and then sing the song as well.

Expressive Arts and Designs (EAD)

We know how much you all enjoy being creative so if you want to here are a few ideas for making more sea creatures....we love the shark.


We have found a maths activity for you on Twinkl.co.uk.

In this activity you will need to count the fish and match it to the correct number. Ask an adult to help if you are unsure of the numbers. Maybe you can have a go at cutting out the numbers....be careful as the scissors are sharp!!  

Did you like seeing what  Yellow Sharon and Green Sharon have been doing during lockdown? Anita and Sarah have not taken any photos but have been keeping busy too. We would love to see what you have all been doing, just add your photos to our twitter account @WarstonesTW

Week beginning 29th June 2020

This week our focus is keeping healthy.

You can talk about the sort of things we can do to help to keep us healthy. This could be about the food we can eat or exercising or even about different people who help to keep us fit and well such as the doctor, nurse or dentist.

If the weather is nioe this week maybe you could do a sport's day in your garden or in the park or even an obstacle course.

Here are a few ideas of races you could do.

A running race......see how fast you can run!

A potato and spoon race......balance a potato on a spoon and run to the end of the garden.

A dress up game........ have 3 items of clothing spaced apart and put them on when you get to them.

or you could do some simple exercises such as star jumps, hopping on one leg or touch your toes 10 times.

See if you can come up with new ideas.


Here are some other activities to have a go at this week, they include vegetable/fruit printing, making pasta necklaces and an activity making a healthy lunch box.

This is a lovely activity to do and so simple. You can use carrots, potatoes, apples, pears or even lemons.

Our next activity is one from the website Twinkl. Here you need to cut out the healthy food and stick it onto your lunch box


We all need to clean our teeth everyday in the morning and before we go to bed to help keep our teeth and gums healthy. How many of you have been to visit the dentist? Do you have a story you can read about visiting the dentist?

We thought you might like to have a go at doing a painting with an OLD toothbrush, it is lots of fun.


Who likes eating pasta?? We love it but thought it would be nice to make a pasta necklace or bracelet, you could even either paint the pasta or use food colouring to dye it (This does take a while to dry off ).


Again if you do any of the activities please add your photos to out twitter account @WarstonesTW so we can see what you have been doing.

Stay safe everyone!!

Good morning.....

Here is this weeks home learning  6/7/2020

We are looking at holidays this week. Everyone enjoys going on holiday so we thought you might like to read a story about Kipper and his beach ball.

You could then draw or paint a picture of yourself on holiday. Maybe you could make a postcard for us and send it to us here at school. We are here until next week so would love to receive a postcard from you, it would be lovely to see what you have been doing.


Here is a number matching activity you can do. You need to match the number to the correct picture.

Another activity you can do is sort some winter and summer clothes, here are some templates for you to look at.



When it is nice and sunny we can wear our sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun. Here is a template for you to design your own sunglasses. You can make them as bright and colourful as you like. You could take a photo of you wearing them then add your photo to out twitter page @WarstonesTW

Have fun doing these activities we look forward to seeing your photos on our Twitter page.

Stay safe everyone.