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Teeny Weenies

British Values

Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace BRITISH VALUES and teach our

 children about


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


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Welcome to Teeny Weenies.

Here we will share with you our recent learning experiences.


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Our aims and objectives.

At Teeny Weenies Playgroup we aim to create a happy, interesting and secure environment in which children have scope to explore, learn, contribute and experiment with confidence.

We give the children the opportunity to develop and practice the basic skills that are necessary for learning through play.


Through a variety of activities children are encouraged to.........

Think for themselves independently.

Develop listening and communication skills.

Acquire co-ordination skills

Develop their problem solving skills.

Name shapes and colours.

Take part in imaginative and creative activities.

Use all their senses in exploring and understanding the world we live in.

Enjoy stories and music.

Share the companionship of other children.

Develop social skills through caring, sharing and taking turns.

Value and respect each others race, culture, language and level of ability.

Accept the discipline of a group and the authority of other adults.


Such activities may include....

Painting and craft activities.

Playdough/sensory play.

Building and construction toys.

Books and story telling.

Music and sound.


Physical/outdoor play.

Puzzles and jigsaws.

Role play/home corner.

Small world play.

Mark making.


Sand and water play.


Have a look at our gallery and see some of the activities we do at Teeny Weenies!