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British Values

Here at Warstones Primary School we embrace BRITISH VALUES and teach our

 children about


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


Click - British Values - A Guide for Parents

Welcome to Nursery!


Here we will share with you our recent learning experiences and up-coming events!  Please check newsletters for up to date information and key dates for diaries.




 Now it is the Spring term, we continue to have a lot of fun learning new skills and exploring new topics. This half term, our topic is 'Where does snow go?'



We will be exploring the changes in weather and learning about animals and hibernation, as well as many other things through a range of activities including our woodland walks. 



Please bring your child's book bags to school every Monday to be changed so that your child can bring their new books home to be read.


PE is every Monday and Woodland walks is on every Tuesday, so please make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothes and footwear if they have not brought their pumps or wellies to school.






Watch this space for more fun learning opportunities, dates and reminders.