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Welcome to Nursery!


Please click on this link for the Wild Zoo Back Pack List


Here we will share with you our recent learning experiences and up-coming events!  Please check newsletters for up to date information and key dates for diaries.

Date to remember - Wheels to Nursery day  - Friday 26th May 2017 - please send your child to Nursery with their bike/scooter. This is a sponsored even and all funds raised will be to provide additional Maths and Literacy outdoor toys for our children to share in the EYFS playground.



 Now it is the Summer term, we continue to have a lot of fun learning new skills and exploring new topics. This half term we are learning all about Journies and Great Adventures through out topic - Can we explore it?


We have explored the ways in which we travel locally and further afield and now we are finding out how to be an explorer, using maps, compasses, binoculars and many other key items to make the learning experience as valuable as possible.  


Watch this space for more fun learning opportunities!   


This is our long term curriculum map showing you some of what the children in Reception and Nursery will be learning.