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Sport Premium

PE and Sport Premium was introduced in March 2013 to improve the provision of Physical Education and school sport in primary schools across England. 

For more information, please visit the Department for Education's PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools page. 

PE and sports at Warstones

At Warstones, one of our core values is health and wellbeing, with PE and sports being a major contributor to this. We believe that children need to have access to a variety of physical activities in order to find ones that they can be passionate about.

During PE lessons, we teach activities such as dance, football, rugby, gymnastics, athletics, yoga and lots, lots more. Our children also access PE lessons with specialist teachers from Soccer2000. In addition to this, we also offer a variety of extra-curricular activities and enter many competitive competions and leagues. 

 Sport Premium 2021-22

As well as PE lessons and extra-curricular activities, we have alos invested a lot in making our playgrounds as active and as exciting as possible. This includes a play area with a sand pit in Early Years, as well as many bikes and scooters for the children to enjoy. In Key Stage One, we have our recently built play area with climbing apparatus as well as lots of sports equipment for the children to use. And in Key Stage Two, we now have a new climbing area with challenging elements and an outdoor gym with lots of physical apparatus for the children to use at play times and lunch times. In addition to this, permanent goals and basket ball hoops have been added. 


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