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Our Governors meet regularly, challenge the Head Teacher on matters about school and how it is run, support and encourage the work of the school and generally do their best to ensure our children have the best education - academically and socially, that they could possibly have while they are here at Warstones.

There are 12 positions, plus the Headteacher as ex-officio.

The Joint Chairs of Governors are Mrs Charlotte Harding (charlotte.harding@ymail.com) and Mr Simon Penfold (simonpenfold21@hotmail.com)
The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Jodie Richards. This is a bought in service from S4S (Service 4 Schools)

The Chairs of Governors send out a Newsletter from the Governors out to parents every term. Please click on the link below to read the current and previous letters.

Governors Letter 1.3.22

Attendance at Governor Meetings 2020-21 and 2021-22

                             07.10.20      17.03.21           15.07.21         06.10.21     17.11.21         09.02.22   30.3.22  18.5.22
     Tina           Bourke             X             X      Left              n/a               n/a           n/a  n/a n/a
     Lyndon           Wall             n/a   Agreed Abs            Left                     n/a            n/a n/a n/a
     Kuldip           Braich                                        Agreed Abs                   Agreed Abs
     Jade           Lockley                        X       Agreed Abs                          No ap
     Rachel           Bailey                                         Agreed Abs                
     Chad           Rhodes      Agreed Abs                  Agreed Abs                           No ap       Agreed Abs
     Fiona           Feeney                                                           
     Marie           Welsh                     X       Left                n/a             n/a      n/a       n/a n/a
     Tahra           Hussain             X       Agreed Abs   X                          Agreed Abs    
     Simon           Penfold                                                         
     Stephen           Smith      Agreed Abs          Agreed Abs       Agreed Abs          Agreed Abs                   Agreed Abs
     Charlotte           Harding                                                            Agreed Abs
     Angela            Mitchell              n/a                    Agreed Abs Teams failed
    Jess       Lane         n/a       n/a      n/a    
    Jodie       Carter         n/a       n/a      n/a     n/a        n/a   n/a n/a
    Matt      Williams         n/a       n/a      n/a     n/a        n/a    n/a n/a


Declared Business Interests

Governor Business/Schools/Academies Interests
Charlotte Harding

Trustee of Highfields School

Member of St Martin's MAT

Stephen Smith Governor at Highfields School
Matt Williams Employee of an Educational Supplier that serves schools in the authority.


Name and Position Office Term end Date Committee Link Governor
Jess Lane Staff 15th September 2021 - 14th September 2025
Kuldip Braich Parent 1st March 2019 - 2nd March 2023
Jade Lockley Parent 10th January 2018 - 9th January 2022 Webpage
Rachel BaileyVice Chair Parent 15th December 2017 - 14th December 2021 Pupil Premium
Chad Rhodes Co-Opted 27th November 2019 - 26th November 2023 Outcomes
Fiona FeeneyHeadteacher Headteacher While in post.
Angela Mitchell Co Opted 17th March 2021 - 16th March 2025 SEND
Tahra Hussain Co-opted 9th September 2019 - 8th September 2023
Simon PenfoldJoint Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance and School Business Co-opted 9th September 2019 - 8th September 2023 Well Being and RSE
Matt Williams Parent 5th May 2022 - 4th May 2026
Jodie Carter Parent 5th May 2022 - 4th May 2026
Stephen Smith Local Authority 30th July 2019 - 29th July 2023
Charlotte HardingJoint Chair of Governors: Chair of Curriculum Committee Co-opted 4th November 2019 - 2nd November 2023 Safeguarding