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Connecting Classrooms- Zambia

We are so proud to be part of a unique global education programme called Connecting Classrooms, allowing us to forge partnerships with Kiine, Kananga and Kakaindu Primary Schools in Zambia, Africa. 

Through event days and assemblies, our children will tackle issues such as climate change, gender equality and how to live sunstainably. 

Warstones Primary School Headteacher Fiona Feeney, with teachers Vicky Osbourne from Woodfield Primary School, Jonathan Corbett and Emma Bayliss from Warstones Primary School who are taking part in the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning project

As part of the project, two of our teaching staff, Mrs Bayliss and Mr Corbett, are planning to visit Zambia to share their experiences and insights about how they can improve global learning in schools. There are also plans for teachers from Zambia to travel to Wolverhampton on a reciprocal visit. 

As a school we hope that taking part in the project will give our children the chance to learn from others and their experiences. We want children to discover and embrace wholeheartedly the importance of everyone having the same rights and expectations for a fair and just society, and through global learning, teachers will be able to focus on key issues.